Waiting List Policy

The Central Washington Bridal Show (CWBS) takes pride in having a well-rounded group of Exhibitors providing wedding-related services. The success of the show has brought more demand for exhibit space than we have available. A waiting list has been established. With this in mind, the CWBS has put in place a waiting list policy for potential Exhibitors.

1. After receiving your application to participate in the CWBS, you will be placed onto the waiting list.

2. The date your application is postmarked will be your seniority date on the waiting list.

3. You will be placed into a service category according to the information you provide on your application, in order, by your seniority date and uniqueness, (see the CWBS category definition list).

4. We will start to accept new vendors off the waiting list as soon as space becomes available.

5. If booth space becomes available in your service category, show management will evaluate the waiting list and the existing Exhibitors in that service category. A new vendor will be chosen from the waiting list by seniority and uniqueness in that service category.

6. The more information about your company and the product or service that you provide will be helpful. If you are chosen, show management will contact you by email or phone.

7. A contract will follow. The contract and payment must be received within 10 days after being contacted, to lock in your booth space. No booth space will be reserved without a contract and payment in full. Failure to return the contract and a payment within 10 days may result in the booth being offered to the next Exhibitor in line.

Payment Schedule:

1. If you are accepted, payment in full will be due within 10 days after being accepted

2. Central Washington Bridal Show Association will not accept deposits or partial payments

3. All NSF checks will be charged $35.00.

Cancellation Policy:

If Exhibitor cancels by written notice prior to November 15th, CWBS shall refund the entire Exhibitors fee with the exception of $150.00. In the event Exhibitor cancels after November 15th, or by phone, or violates any of the terms and conditions set forth in the contract. CWBS will retain all amounts previously paid and payable hereunder as liquidated damages. CWBS reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any Exhibitor or potential Exhibitor.

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