Booth Height Restriction Variance Form

Only Exhibitors with exhibits that exceed the height restrictions or want to have a tent or fabric covering their booth must complete and submit this form for approval. After show management approves your display plan, an approved form will be sent to you.

A single Booth is 10 feet by 10 feet with an 8-feet tall curtain for the back wall and 3-feet tall curtain along the sides.

Back wall: Display items are to be No taller than 8-feet along the back wall and extend at 8-feet high, No more than 4-feet forward from the back wall.

Side walls: Exhibitors are entitled to a reasonable line of sight from the aisle regardless of the size of your booth. No display item along the sides may be taller than 4-foot in height.

All items facing the neighboring booths must be aesthetically pleasing, and no exhibits, employees or products can protrude into the aisle ways.

Fill out form below to apply for height restriction variance!

Discription of Display