2014 Bridal Show Food Sampling

Exhibitors shall not bring any food or drinks into the Convention Center except samples to be served by exhibitors in the food categories,  or for those that provide food as a part of their business. Concessions and espressos will be for sale in the concession area for exhibitors and show attendees wishing to purchase food items to eat.

The CWBSA will provide an exhibitor break room with drinking water, to give exhibitors a place to escape and eat lunch. No food will be provided by the CWBSA. Only food purchased by exhibitors at the concession stand can be taken to the break room.

Exhibitor may not sell food or beverages in the Convention Center. If you will be serving samples of food or beverages of any type at CWBS, sample sizes must be less than three fluid ounces, or bite size. Exhibitor is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses and paying the necessary fees, if required, to Yakima County Health Department. For more information regarding Yakima County Health Department call Ryan Iback (509) 249-6521.

Exhibitor and its employees, agents, and guests shall not consume or distribute any alcoholic beverages at the CWBS.