Door Prizes

The Central Washington Bridal Show will be giving away $1,000 to be used at one of the Exhibitors of the show.

exhibitors of the Central Washington Bridal Show may hold drawing in their booth. The exhibitor holding the drawing will be required to handle all aspects of the drawing from from collecting names to delivering or shipping the prize. The exhibitor may also contact the winner and let them know to stop by their business to pick up their prize. The bridal show will not take part or assist in exhibitor drawings. The bridal show mic will not be available for Exhibitors use and will not be used for exhibitor drawings. 

 Door prizes can be something from your business or a discount toward a product or service. Example; bouquet of flowers or $50 off your service, etc. All door prizes must be from your business or from an exhibitor in the bridal show. Prizes that advertise a business that is not in our show, like a coupon for dinner from a restaurant that is not in our show, will not be allowed. Please make sure all drawings are done in accordance with the laws of Washington State. 

Door Prize Form