Basic Vendor Information

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Cost to become a vendor

  • $450 - per booth   (See booth sizes and rates located in vendor area.)

Date of Bridal Show

  • January 5th from 11:00 am to 4 pm 


How many people attend the central Washington bridal show, CWBS?

  • We have around 1,200-1,400 people attend every year. 400-500 of those are brides.

How many vendors at the Central Washington Bridal Show?

  • We have around 70 vendors that fill up over 90 booths; some vendors purchase more than one booth.

What are the requirements to become a vendor?

  • All vendors must be wedding related and have a business located in the Central Washington area.
  • All vendors must have a Washington State master business license. Small independent franchise vendors such as AdvoCare, Avon, Pampered Chief, and Cookie Lee are exempt from needing a master business license. 

How do I become a vendor?

  • Send an email to [email protected] Once we have an opening and have established that you meet the requirements to become a vendor, you will be contacted and sent a contract for the show.
  • The application is not considered a contract.

When can the vendors set up for the show?

  • Saturday, January 5th from 8:00 to11 :00 am.

How do I get my business listed on the Central Washington Bridal Show web site?

  • Purchase a booth; all vendors on the CWBS web site are vendor in the show, it is part of your booth payment. (See web page, listed under advertising, located in the vendor area.)