Exhibitor Passes

  • The Central Washington Bridal Show will no longer be using Exhibitor badges, and will replace them with an Exhibitor entrance.  The Exhibitor entrance is located on the north end of the Yakima Convention Center lobby.
  • A list of all the staff members who will be working in your booth, including you is due on or before January 1st.
  • All exhibitors must submit a email to; [email protected] which lists all personnel who will be working their booth at the CWBS.
  • Security working the north exhibitor door will have a master list of every name that was submitted by the Exhibitors.
  • The Exhibitor entrance door will be the only door for Exhibitors and their staff to enter the bridal show without purchasing a ticket during bridal show hours of 10:30am to 4:00pm.
  • Only people that are working your booth and listed with security will be allowed free access (maximum 4 free staff per booth).
  • Anyone that is not working a booth or their name was not submitted by the Exhibitor on or before January 1st will be considered as a guest and will be charged for the cost of a ticket to enter.
  • No additional names will be added to the Exhibitor entrance door list after January 1st or at the door the day of the show.
  • Only Exhibitors and their staff listed on Exhibitor list will be allowed access threw the Side Exhibitor door.
  • Anyone not listed on Exhibitor list will be sent to the main front doors for access and will be charged to enter.
  • You do not need to be listed on the Exhibitor list to help with move-in or move-out before or after show hours.

Exhibitor Pass Form