Four Keys to a Successful Bridal Show Booth

1. Pre-show promotion:

While show management is responsible for bringing in the people, you can help make sure they come to your booth! Connect with your target audience before the show, to increase your chance of being on their "must see" list. Here are some effective ways to build traffic to your booth by pre-show promotion.

  • Tell everyone who calls your business about the bridal show and let them know you are in it.
  • Mail your own printed invitations or a post card.
  • Send a personal letter.
  • Give your prospects a call and invite them to visit your booth.
  • Make sure your sales staff is talking about the show.
  • Post show signs or flyers in your store.
  • Put stuffers in your regular business mail.
  • Issue press releases.
  • Invite prospects to a special demonstration.
  • Put a message on your voicemail to attend the show.
  • Put the Central Washington Bridal Show on your website with an invitation to attend.

2. Creative booth displays:

Some of the factors affecting a prospects decision to stop and look are:

  • Exhibit Size
  • Creative/Effective Display Tips
  • Show Promotions

Exhibit Size:
Brides notice when a display is larger than others. The amount of space you rent is directly related to how many leads you can obtain. The more space you have the more salespeople you can have in the booth and the more brides you can talk to. If your budget will allow for more space, go for it. You will see an increased amount of leads!

Creative/Effective Display Tips:
The main purpose of your display is to attract the prospects to you so that you can talk to them. You only have about 5 seconds to do this before they walk on. Your display needs to:

  • Attract Attention
  • Build Interest
  • Create Desire
  • Demand Attention

Show Promotions:
Demonstrations and contests can attract attention. Just make sure you still have time to talk to the bride. You don't want the promotion or contest to attract every attendee to take up space in your booth if they don't want your product.

  • Some main points to consider: Keep the booth open and inviting. It should invite them in, not say "stay out"! Avoid tables across the front, if possible, unless you are selling a product they can take with them.
  • Signs are very important! You need to purchase a banner; something the bride can read from a distance. Use easy to read language and font styles.
  • Make sure the booth sells who you are! They should be able to see, feel, touch, taste, and smell your product. Make sure they can tell who you are at a glance. Don't fill your booth with flowers if you are not a florist!
  • Keep the booth neat and clean, don't eat in your booth!
  • Literature should be handed out to hot prospects not just left where the bride can "hit and run" without you having the chance to speak to her.

3. Salesmanship:

The salesperson is the single most important ingredient in obtaining leads at the show. The greatest display in the show will fail if you have ineffective or poorly trained sales people running it. If you are your best sales person, be there, if you are not, hire someone!

Main points to consider:

  • Be open and inviting, don't sit or you will look bored or uninviting.
  • Body language is important, keep it friendly.
  • Have a winning approach. Practice your opening lines. Never say "Can I help you?" Effective opening lines must break preoccupation, focus on the individual, and create a bond between you and the bride. Loosen things up and help them relax and have fun!
  • Sales people need to stay alert and ready during even slow times. Don't get into conversations with other vendors or staff and miss the bride who wants to talk to you!
  • Staff working the show needs to know the value of what they are doing, be well trained, and excited about the prospect of bringing your business more customers!

4. Post show follow up:

As an exhibitor, you will receive an email roughly three weeks after the show, with all the names, wedding dates, and contact information of the brides that are registered with the CWBS.

  • Use the list of registered brides you receive from the show to follow-up after the show
  • Why collect all those leads and not do something with them? If you want to increase your bottom line after the show, follow up with phone calls and direct mail. Make your letters personalized, remind them that you met them at the show and that you are ready to help them with their wedding.
  • Remember the ultimate success of your exhibiting in a bridal show lies entirely on you, follow the tips given on this page and you will be steps ahead of your competition!