Date and Location

This Year's Bridal Show is Saturday January 5th, 2019 at the Yakima Convention Center

Have you ever attended a bridal show, as an exhibitor, and got nothing out of it? The Central Washington Bridal Show is set up to avoid just that scenario.  There is a lot that goes into planning a bridal show to make it successful for all the exhibitors.  To start with, the date of the show is very important. You can have a wonderful bridal show; but if you do not have a large number of brides attending or if the brides that attend do not need your product or service, then you are wasting your time as an exhibitor and the money you have spent to be there. The Central Washington Bridal Show (CWBS) is the largest bridal show in Central Washington; and if you talk to our exhibitors, you will find it is, also, the most successful bridal show in the area. There are at least two bridal shows held in Yakima and with the CWBS scheduled on the first Saturday in January, we will be the very first bridal show of the year. With the bride receiving her wedding ring for the holidays, we will be there to welcome the new and excited bride and to assist her with her wedding plans. While brides tend to go to all the bridal shows, the bride that attends a bridal show but has already bought her dress, ordered her cake and has a signed contract with a photographer and a caterer for their services will not do you, the exhibitor, much good. This is why CWBS is the first in line, so our exhibitors will get the first opportunity with the new couple before they have made their monetary commitments at the other bridal shows. If you, the exhibitor, work hard and do a good job in your booth, you will be the exhibitor that gets to help the couple with their big day and the exhibitor that the couple is happy to send referrals to when their wedding is over. There is a good chance that with the help of you, the exhibitor, the couples leaving the CWBS will have all of their services contracted, and if they attend the other bridal shows, they are attending them just for fun. CWBS, also, has the largest advertising budget of any bridal show in Central Washington. With our budget of $15,000 to $20,000 for advertising, we are sure to, once again, have the largest attendance of any bridal show in Central Washington. CWBS has an annual attendance record of  around 1,400 people who attend our one-day show with around 300 to 400 of those attending being brides needing your services. That is two to three times more people attending the CWBS than the other shows in the area.