Door Prizes

All exhibitors of the Central Washington Bridal Show are offered a chance to submit one door prize to be given away during the bridal show. In exchange for giving away a door prize, the exhibitors business name and a list with the prize they are giving away will be posted in the lobby for all to see. The CWBS staff member will pick a winner, post it in the lobby and come to your booth and give you the contact information of the bride that won your prize. Keep your door prize in your booth and the CWBS will send the winner to your booth to claim her prize. Should the winner not claim her prize, you can either contact her after the show and make arrangements for her to pick up the prize or simply keep your prize and forget about it.

The winner's name and the exhibitor that gave the door prize will again be posted in the front lobby of the Convention Center for all to see. Door prizes can be something from your business or a discount toward a product or service. Example; bouquet of flowers or $50 off your service, etc. All door prizes must be from your business or from an exhibitor in the bridal show. Prizes that advertise a business that is not in our show, like a coupon for dinner from a restaurant that is not in our show, will not be allowed. This is a great way to get your business name out to all the people at the bridal show. You may also hold other drawings in your booth and give away more prizes if you would like, but please make sure all drawings are done in accordance with the laws of WA.

To give away a door prize, click on the door prize button below and fill out the form with all the information regarding your prize.

Door Prize Form